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What if academics at your university interacted as much as students?

The academic workplace

The academic workplace is changing, and the issues associated with that change are widely experienced by academics and design consultants alike. The challenges for academics of noise, confidentiality, security and status sit uncomfortably beside the desires of senior management for more collaborative, collegiate and space efficient workplaces. It is a long-standing and often contentious debate.

Interviews with project stakeholders and analyses of the typical floor plans of seven recently designed academic workplaces uncovered a consistent pattern in the motivations and challenges faced by those trying to bring about change, but not in the responses to those problems.

Most importantly, the research challenges a common misconception - that more open workplaces are simply about saving space. Our case studies show that space efficiency is not necessarily the main objective of academic workplace change, and only sometimes the end result. The new approach represents a re-distribution of space to encourage a more interactive and engaging place for all.

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