Zhangjiang Pharmaceutical Campus

Supporting the world’s best pharmaceutical companies to meet global health challenges means creating workplaces that promote cutting-edge research, development and operations. 

Our winning proposal for one of China’s pharmaceutical industry leaders is a single campus that unites a new science community – a place that’s much greater than just the sum of its buildings. Scientists, students, organisations and institutions from a broad range of fields will more easily come together to share ideas and cross-institutional activities, making advances in the pursuit of knowledge and products for the benefit of people everywhere.

The design scheme is flexible to allow for single floor tenants, whole-of-building tenants, or conjoined buildings for even larger organisations – adaptable over time and as the needs of the campus – and global researchers – change. 

Individual floors can also be subdivided into smaller labs, start-up and co-working spaces, providing great versatility of work environments on the campus.


Shanghai Zhangjiang Group Co., Ltd.


Shanghai, China


In progress




Gross floor area 248,000 sqm / Site area 53,000 sqm

Design team

Martin Lee, Klevis Koco, Mark Roehrs, Richard Mullane, Yi Liu, Sean Lin, Ricky Suen, Guomin Lin, Jina Kim, Juan Zou, Nancy Wang, Yichao Wu, Xu Zhang


Diorama / Hassell

An organic, dynamic campus community will be encouraged to grow at the central canopy at the heart of the campus. The canopy’s open learning environments, auditoria, conference facilities, retail stores, gym, cafes, bars and restaurants will support all kinds of connections – from sharing ideas and research thinking to a few drinks or meal at the end of a day.

Science communities often need to be highly secure environments, so our scheme includes mechanisms such as controlled entry into the gated community, controlled entry into the buildings and on-floor card entry into all the labs and research areas.

Smaller organisations and start-ups will benefit from the flexibility we’ve enshrined in the design – allowing access to shared core facilities like research platforms and instrumentation that are normally beyond their means.

Providing this equipment as fee for service’ acts as an additional revenue generator for our client while expanding access for the researchers of the future.

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