Herston Quarter

A catalyst for health and research innovation. A celebration of heritage character. A vital hub for the community. The redevelopment of Herston Quarter is all of these things for Brisbane — and beyond.

The precinct’s master plan — with Hassell as lead designer — combines healthcare, education, housing, retail, recreation and community spaces in one multi-connected place with daily interaction and innovation in its DNA. Envisioned to be deliberately and overtly community enabling, our masterplan for Herston Quarter actively invites people in beyond the working and visiting population.

The $1.1 billion redevelopment plan includes the preservation of heritage buildings — reviving a prominent hilltop landmark — so that the health and knowledge hub has more room to grow and can diversify to meet the needs of the city now — and in the future.

Together, the changes will create a new local landmark for Brisbane and a new global benchmark for health precinct projects. Herston Quarter demonstrates how a healthcare and innovation precinct can be embedded in the community. 


Australian Unity


Yugerra and Turrbal Country
Brisbane, Australia







Design team

Adam Davies, Kevin Lloyd, Carolyn Jo, Daniel Kallis, Stephen Watson, David Gowty, John Irvine, Riley Flanigan, Chantel Antony, Guy Grigson, Graham Lowe, Keith Hayes, Sandra Forko, Marnie Reid, Lash Moodley, Jennifer Greatrex, Carla Dal Santo


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Herston Quarter is an investment in a range of spaces that naturally promote wellness beyond a clinical setting.”

— Adam Davies, Principal
>18K daily precinct population by 2027
1.1B AUD$ upgrade
1 multi-connected centre for innovation

The precinct will draw thousands of people each day to its hospital and aged care services, medical education, research facilities, residential communities, retail areas and student housing. By 2027, it’s predicted to be the size of a small town, with more than 18,000 people there daily.

With careful planning, we’re helping the client make the most of Herston’s strategically important urban site. The precinct’s many layers – a thoughtful balance of old and new, work and life, growth and green space – will ensure it remains an essential destination for years to come.

The first building slated for completion – the Surgical, Treatment and Rehabilitation Service (STARS), designed by Hassell – is an eight-storey, 30,000sqm facility. It offers accommodation and therapy for rehabilitation patients, as well as state-of-the-art treatment on a surgery floor with 10 operating suites and procedure rooms.

The precinct’s master plan carves out generous in-between’ spaces for communal use and more fluid connections. For example, existing courtyards were recast as a series of outdoor rooms – cascading down the hill and around the site – that will fulfil the specific needs of people in the nearest buildings, such as hospital patients who want to recover in the sunshine.

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