Other than the jaw dropping views of the Sydney Harbour Bridge, a large grandstand’ is the focal point of our studio. It’s where we gather for presentations, studio updates and events and it can be seen from right across the studio.

Set over three floors of the former wool store on a heritage pier, our studio is an open and collaborative space that shows off our collective creativity. 

The studio is a deliberately blank canvas with suspended pinboards that highlight our design process and the way we work. These are where you’ll find groups of designers deep in discussion about project elements and new ideas – a very Hassell way of working.

Nominated architects NSW
Tony Grist 5350
Glenn Scott 6842
Ross de la Motte 7398


+61 2 9101 2000




Level 2, Pier 8/9, 23 Hickson Road
New South Wales

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Model making heaven! Check out these gorgeous models on exhibition! @hassell_studio



HASSELL Interior Fitout 180 Ann St. Beautifully done amphitheatre space👌



Some pics from the studio tours at HASSELL! 🥂#ailafresh



What makes @hassell_studio #Sydney a great place for #landscapearchitects to work? . . #PhysicalStudioEnvironment - Waterfront studio on Sydney Harbour - need we say more!? . #PeopleDiversity - HASSELL values diversity and makes the most of their intern...



Neuro-Diversity: A New Lens For Workplace Design

Domino Risch explores the changing nature of workplace design and the need for design to focus on the diverse neurological needs of workers.


NSW EVENT ALERT In an exciting new collaboration, @emagn_nsw and SONA bring you Thresholds: Speed Mentoring. Meet 12 inspiring practitioners from 12 unique backgrounds within architecture, including small practice, large practice, AI, digital fabricatio...


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