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Armed with deep insight into our client’s ambitions and lessons from the world’s great campuses, we helped ANZ expand their workplace – and their horizons – with new spaces that elevate the impact of their groundbreaking headquarters.

ANZ Centre – a collaboration between Hassell and Lendlease Design – was setting standards from the start. Not just the largest single occupancy workplace in Australia, the building at 833 Collins Street in Melbourne showcased the latest thinking in workplace design and the client’s leadership in sustainability – and won a slate of awards after its opening in 2010.

More than a decade on, the project’s value has endured. It’s still the hard-working, fully-integrated workplace the business can count on year after year.

But with technology and the marketplace changing faster than ever, the time was right to take ANZ’s workplace credentials one step further, adding fresh, agile spaces that don’t compete with or copy the original – but truly complement it.

Our history with the client and site gave us the clarity to successfully fit out the new kid on the block’ – a tower at 839 Collins Street – and incorporate it in one lively, cohesive campus with the help of experience design collaborators FreeState.

The outcome is proof that large-scale can also be human-scale – a place that makes sense to employees, draws them in and connects them to each other in meaningful ways. Just as importantly, this modern campus feels limitless, giving people the freedom to think big’ for the future.




Wurundjeri Country
Melbourne, Australia




2019 (839 Collins)
2010 (833 Collins)


25,0000 sqm (839 Collins)
130,000 sqm building / 83,600 sqm fitout
(833 Collins)


FreeState (campus experience master plan)
Deloitte (839 Collins - The Labs’)
Lendlease Design, DEGW, Studio Ongarato (833 Collins)

ANZ wanted 833 and 839 Collins to feel like part of a family – siblings with the same DNA but different personalities.

Engaging, flexible spaces in The Retreat’ at 839 Collins Street. Photography: Nicole England

839 Collins Street

We gave the new workplace at 839 Collins Street its own identity without denying the powerful DNA it shares with its older, larger sibling’ at 833 Collins – including by introducing distinctive new gathering spaces such as:

  • The Retreat’ – an entire collaboration floor featuring an indoor garden and outdoor terrace
  • The Labs’ – spaces for brainstorming and testing new ideas (designed with Deloitte), and
  • The Forum’ – an informal grandstand high in the tower, where events come with sweeping views.

Even though the new, agile spaces have a different purpose and energy compared to the first generation workplace, common details and materials make it clear they’re part of the ANZ Campus family’.

With the help of 250 change champions’, more than 6,000 ANZ employees re-located across the campus within nine weeks.

We had a clear vision of what we wanted to achieve for our people and our culture at ANZ Centre and the spirit of collaboration between Hassell, Lendlease design and ANZ ensured we delivered on those aspirations.”

Kate Langan Group General Manager Property ANZ

833 Collins Street

The design for ANZ Centre (833 Collins) grew from our idea for an urban campus’ revolving around a central common’, with shared spaces, a rich variety of settings and an openness rarely seen in developments this size.

Inspired by the maritime character of the Docklands location, the building’s fluid forms and distinctive interior architecture make for a commanding presence.

At more than 83,000 sqm over 13 levels, the vast development still brings in plenty of natural light thanks to the configuration of the floors, which offer ANZ greater workplace flexibility and integration.

The largest 6 Star Green Star commercial office building in Australia, it’s also a benchmark in robust and responsive sustainable architecture as well as a multi-award winner for design innovation.

Experience master planners and frequent Hassell collaborators FreeState worked with us to ensure ANZ’s new tower and original building were in harmony – to give people the most fulfilling, connected experience when using the campus. Just as importantly, they looked for opportunities to spark creative connections.

From studying the hallmarks of great campuses worldwide to understanding the hopes and needs of ANZ employees through focus groups, FreeState developed an experience master plan that connects all the dots. It keeps not just the biggest or busiest areas of the campus lively but even the in-between’ spaces so often overlooked.

The outcome is a lesson in how thoughtful planning and small touches can make a large-scale workplace feel more personal.

Robert Backhouse, Anthony Dickens, Anna Arkell, Thierry Hilt, Brian Simmons, Simone Rogera, Ryan Jayamaha, Kaylene McKinley, Greta Stoutjesdijk, Bonnie Hamilton, Giorgi Clifford

Robert Backhouse, Ken Maher, Kevin Carrucan, Harley Vincent, Brian Felgate, David Andrew, Tim Walpole-Walsh, Kevin Cullis, Dario Spralja, Michael Luders, John Morris, Deon Du Plessis, James Sandwith, Zoran Babic, David Simpson, Harry Hrissis, Cherry Marquez, Rachael Yoshizawa, Chhean Khoun, Bronwyn Pratt, Caroline Lieu, Michael Hrysomallis, Cassandra Chilton, Sean Bett, Scott Walker, Nick Tennant, Meredith Nettleton, Darren Paul, Dean Rikanovic, Rob Ryan, Hannah Beveridge, Robert Harper, Rebecca Trenorden, Brooke Thorn, Beatka Provis, Erin Davidson, Jaclyn Iles, Jennifer Lowe, Amanda Ho , Jayson Deadman, Lorenzo Marianni, Anthony Dickens, Suzette Jackson, Madeleine Joyce, Danielle Signorino, Juli Smolcic, Christine Bedford, Robin Archer

Awards for ANZ Centre (833 Collins Street)

  • 2011 Property Council of Australia Innovation and Excellence Awards – Australian Development of the Year – awarded to Hassell and Lendlease Design
  • 2011 Property Council of Australia Innovation and Excellence Awards – Best Office Development – awarded to Hassell and Lendlease Design
  • 2011 Interior Design Awards (IDA) – Commendation – Corporate Design
  • 2011 Interior Design Awards (IDA) – Commendation – Commercial Interiors
  • 2011 Property Council of Australia Innovation and Excellence Awards – Victorian Development of the Year – awarded to Hassell and Lendlease Design
  • 2010 Interior Design Excellence Awards (IDEA) – Winner – Major Commercial Interior Over 1,000 sqm
  • 2010 Australian Institute of Architects National Awards – Emil Sodersten Award for Interior Architecture
  • 2010 Emirates Glass LEAF Awards (Leading European Architects Forum) – Commercial Building of the Year – awarded to Hassell and Lendlease Design
  • 2010 World Architecture Festival Awards – Overall Winner Interiors and Fitout
  • 2010 Australian Institute of Architects (Victoria) Awards – Marion Mahony Award for Interior Architecture
  • 2010 Australian Institute of Architects (Victoria) Awards – State Award Commercial Architecture – awarded to Hassell and Lendlease Design

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