Redefining how large workplaces are conceived and used, Deloitte’s new Sydney home brings clients and guests together in a multitude of spaces for respite, retreat, play, nourishment, revitalisation, innovation — and collaboration.

Establishing a global benchmark for quality, exceptional experience and elevated performance, Deloitte’s new workplace is a space emblematic of Sydney’s famous harbour.

Located at Quay Quarter Tower (QQT), a building now proudly prominent on the Sydney skyline, the project was designed during the Covid-19 lockdowns, its central purpose to enable hybrid work, build capability and innovation, and support world-class client engagement. 

It’s a unique working environment that embodies the company’s dedication to making a positive impact by investing in its clients and people. 

Addressing individual ways of working, Deloitte’s new headquarters provides comforting private spaces that offer moments of respite and rejuvenation. 

Recognising the need for employee autonomy and flexibility, the company’s progressive approach to hybrid working includes implementing innovative virtual technology, varied collaboration spaces and optimal digital connectivity to provide complete flexibility no matter where you are.

Four interconnected vertical villages’ are located over 14 floors, with each village hosting a unique collection of purposeful destinations and experiences that cater to diverse work styles, roles and preferences. Teams are assigned to a village as their base camp, rather than to a floor to allow flexibility and promote movement.

From the use of eco-friendly materials to the incorporation of abundant plants to enhance air quality, the outcome is a captivating, diverse, sensory-rich environment that attracts premium talent and clients, fostering a strong sense of belonging, connection and confidence.

Deloitte’s new workplace embodies a transformative approach to place-making. By drawing people in, it encourages active participation, instils innate pride — and is already a place that people love.




Gadigal Country
Sydney, Australia





Sustainability Ratings

5 Star Green Star - Interiors (achieved)
WELL (Platinum)


27,000 sqm


Deloitte (Workplace Strategy and Project Management), NDY, IPP, BG&E, WT Partnership, McKenzie Group, Morris Goding , Cini Little, Diadem, Aspect Studios, Art Pharmacy, MPA, Will Cooke

Design team

Domino Risch, David Whittaker, Emily Moss, Simone Daly-Sorokowski, Rob Backhouse, Ben Burrows, Graeme Hadenham, Patrick Johnson, Asher Seeto, Peri Watson


Earl Carter

The QQT building stands as a global model of an up-cycled’ structure, and inside, the Deloitte workplace mirrors this ambition. The design, construction and operation incorporate numerous sustainability measures such as eco-friendly materials and the optimisation of energy and water usage, with each system selected to adhere to the highest standards.

Driven by Deloitte’s ambitious ESG (environmental, social and governance) requirements, all heavy-duty cooking equipment within the commercial kitchen is electrified, making it a fossil-free workplace. Hassell was integral in helping Deloitte crystalise their ESG objectives, translating them from a policy to a reality in order to achieve sustainability ratings such as 5 Star Green Star and WELL (Platinum).

The incorporation of abundant indoor plants and trees was paramount to enhance air quality and create a genuinely biophilic, natural, vibrant and thriving atmosphere. 

Four interconnected vertical villages’ — comprised of 10 business unit floors and four guest experience floors located over 14 levels — reflect the local context, with each village embodying a distinct environment. One village captures the essence of the nearby Botanic Gardens and its verdant parklands, while another encapsulates the shimmering blue sea and skies of Sydney Harbour. 

The third village pays homage to the warm red earth of the Cumberland Plains, which lies west of Sydney’s CBD. The four floors of the upper village, dedicated to client engagement, are thoughtfully designed to convey distinct levels of formality. Inspired by the attributes that set Sydney apart from other global cities, from inviting sandy beaches to rugged sandstone escarpments, highlights include bronzed glass partitions that call to mind golden sunsets, textured glass blocks that reflect the CBD skyline, and green onyx tables and artwork that mirror the region’s deep emerald rock pools.

Pandemic disruption did more than challenge the Monday to Friday, 9-5 norms of when we work. It has also questioned how we work with universal overnight adoption of digital and virtual communication tools for collaboration and connection. This, and an increased desire for autonomy and flexibility in where we work, has led to the rise of hybrid work habits, which look likely to remain for the foreseeable future. 

To meet these challenges, every single setting and location — consisting of 410 semi-enclosed spaces and enclosed collaboration rooms — enables digital connectivity with a wireless first approach, allowing seamless transition between spaces. Every work lounge, touchdown, quiet room and café setting is provided with power, and dedicated charging cables for laptops are embedded into furniture in all possible locations. 

What would once have been private offices for partners are now bookable hybrid meeting rooms with specific cameras, microphones and lighting that enable solo or group virtual collaboration. These spaces are immediately accessible from individual workspaces and can be booked in the meeting room with a single touch. Workstations are bookable in advance via the AppSpace app, and power is fed to desks and monitors once a physical presence is detected via mobile phone pairing, causing significant energy consumption savings. 

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