Our people are led by a team of Principals located across our studios and working across the world. If you would like more information, please contact your local Principal or studio.


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Managing Director
Steve Coster

Robert Backhouse

Gerard Corcoran

Cameron Ward

Board Members

Ingrid Bakker

Caroline Diesner

Brenden Kelly

Peter Lee

Mark Loughnan

Ken Maher
Professor Faculty of Built Environment UNSW

Head of Design - Architecture
Ben Duckworth

Mark Loughnan

Fiona Nixon

Head of Design - Architecture and Urbanism
Ashley Munday

Head of Design - Interior Design
Robert Backhouse

Head of Design - Landscape Architecture
Angus Bruce

Head of Design - Technology and Innovation
Xavier De Kestelier

Head of Knowledge and Sustainability 
Mark Bray



Head of Knowledge and Sustainability 
Mark Bray


Principals Adelaide
Mariano DeDuonni

David Homburg

Chris Watkins

Principals Brisbane
Keith Allen

Adam Davies

Caroline Diesner

Lucy O'Driscoll

Mark Roehrs

Kirsti Simpson

Principals Hong Kong
Thomas Herron

Carrie Ho

Dennis Ho

Peter Morley

David Tsui

Andrew Yip

Principals San Francisco
Martin Lee

Richard Mullane  

Principals Shanghai
Klevis Koco

Robert Price

Ilma Siksna

Chong Wang

Andrew Wilkinson

Principals Singapore
Tamagin Blake-Smith

Fiona Nixon

Mark Paterson

Paul Semple 

Matthew Shang

Principals Sydney
Julieanne Boustead 

Geoff Crowe

Ross de la Motte

Tony Grist

Jon Hazelwood

Kevin Lloyd

Ken Maher

Emily Moss

Brett Pollard

Domino Risch

Bridgeen Rocks

Glenn Scott

David Tickle 

Liz Westgarth

David Whittaker

Mark Wolfe

Sharon Wright

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