The built environment contributes around 40% to the world’s carbon footprint. As an industry, we have a critical role to play in limiting global warming to 1.5°C above pre-industrial levels. 

Designers are uniquely placed to inspire and educate others and demonstrate leadership in environmentally sustainable design for the benefit of people and planet. 

Our practice is committed to taking action to make a measurable impact, with the strong support of staff across our global network of studios, who tell us they want to see:

  • Sustainability deeply embedded into our practice – a central, tangible and visible part of our design and decision making processes
  • Investment in sustainability-focused research, training and specialist expertise, and
  • Knowledge-sharing with the wider industry to inspire and enable change.


The need to contribute to a better, more inclusive and resilient future is more urgent than ever. Design has the power to move us from the new normal’ to the new beautiful’ – reconnecting people and reimagining how places can be designed to sustain us and our environment.

We are passionate about creating sustainable places that regenerate the planet and enable people to thrive. Sustainability is embedded into our design process and studio operations, and our design teams strive for innovation in sustainability on all our projects.

We believe that together with our clients we can make a real and powerful difference.


  • All of our building projects to be net zero carbon by 2030, by immediately implementing design strategies to reduce operational and embodied carbon on every project.
  • Net zero carbon in our own studio operations by 2023, which will include the reduction of energy, water use and waste and carbon emissions
  • Start measuring, monitoring and reporting on social value generation by 2023; and
  • 100% renewable electricity for all of our studios by the end of 2021

We’ve designed over 4.6M sqm of buildings certified or registered as sustainable through rating tools like LEED, Green Mark, Green Star, WELL and BREEAM.


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