Sean Lin

The best projects don’t just shape our physical world, they also uplift and inspire us, improving our health and wellbeing.”

Sean has contributed to award-winning projects throughout Europe, the Middle East, Taiwan and mainland China over his two decades in design. His approach could be summed up as a combination of ancient wisdom from the east and creativity and aesthetics from the west.

From his base in Shanghai, Sean has played a key role in our urban and landscape design work in China, including the Hangzhou Grand Canal and Central Green Forest Park in Beijing and Park Avenue Central in Shanghai.

He’s particularly skilled at integrating landscape and city and balancing the commercial and design drivers of a project – knowledge he shares with the next generation of talent at Hassell and the Chinese universities where he’s served as a visiting lecturer. 

Key projects

  • Central Green Forest Park, Beijing, China 
  • Baoan Airport Landscape Upgrade, Shenzhen, China
  • Sanlin InCity Mall, Shanghai, China
  • Park Avenue Central, Shanghai, China
  • Vanke Xujing TOD UNI CITY’, Shanghai, China
  • Hyatt Regency, Xiamen, China






Adapting retail spaces for life after COVID

In highly dense cities like Hong Kong, Tokyo, Shanghai and Seoul, shopping centres are as much communal spaces for people to socialise as they are economic hubs – a​“Third Place”. 

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