K11 Wuhan Mall

To bring a 20-year-old department store in Wuhan into a the K-11 art mall’ stable, we took a tongue-in-cheek approach – riffing on the addictions of a shopaholic’ and turning retail into an art form. 

Three spectacular, interconnected circular chambers with retail stores wrap around the outside, where people can experience products as masterpieces’, and shopping as a series of exciting discoveries.

A pink accessories chamber in a museum-style setting with displays towering up to the ceiling makes visitors feel like they’ve stepped into a catalogue. 

In the yellow toy factory, people can get behind the scenes to see how toys are made. Each of the five different storeys shows a different part of the production process.

The blue technology chamber lets visitors get lost in a world full of their favourite tech products, with pop-up stores and seasonal themes taking over the space at different times of the year.


New World China Land (Wuhan)


Wuhan, China


In progress



Design team

Andrew Yip, Carrie Ho, Hiko Siu, Cyu Cheung


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