Sanlin InCity Mall

By reviving a local retail development that was on the decline, we gave Shanghai’s Sanlin neighbourhood more than a new mall. We created a new social hub, lifestyle destination and community heart.

We worked closely with developers Vanke SCPG and Cinve to regenerate the existing mall, combining our architecture, interior design, landscape architecture and retail planning expertise to transform an enclosed environment into an open, vibrant destination – and we did it in less than a year.

Access to the mall was a crucial starting point for our design team. We made it easier to enter and get around the development, including through a pedestrian footbridge connection. 

By blending the architecture and surrounding landscape with new plants and trees, we’ve also established an urban oasis’ for around-the-clock activities and events.

Inside the mall, we found ways to overcome constraints such as traditional floorplates, a restrictive entryway and voids filled with escalators and lifts. By opening up the space, we revealed once-concealed shopfronts – and made InCity Mall a more convenient and compelling place for the Sanlin community to shop, stroll and gather.


Vanke SCPG / Cinve


Shanghai, China






80,000sqm GFA

Design team

Carrie Ho, Andrew Yip, Dennis Ho, Sean Lin, Andi An, Alex Breedon, Ming Cheng, Yangyang Ding, Chloe Fan, Klevis Koco, Howard Lui, Yi Tang, Alex Tuan, Willa Wang, Lin Xiao
15M passed through Sanlin MO+ InCity Mall since reopening
100K signed up as members of the mall
80K sqm GFA

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