Mapping out a wild future for Perth Zoo

Hassell is helping Western Australia’s capital city chart the next 20 years for their Zoo as they push to extend their role in species conservation and education.

In collaboration with Iredale Pedersen Hook, our Perth Zoo Master Plan 2040 outlines a series of inter-connected projects to further Perth Zoo’s strategic goals, while also enhancing exhibits and upgrading the grounds.

With an emphasis on a holistic, sustainable approach, our vision for the Zoo will also create a more immersive experience for visitors. Just as importantly, it will improve the livelihood of the animals through the delivery of world’s best-practice enclosure design.


May 24, 2021

These new developments include the Conservation Precinct showcasing veterinary, research and breeding innovations and the multi-level Treehouse as a play area in nature.

Other upgrades include an overhead raceway’ where Lemurs and Gibbons can exercise and explore, as well as reimagined spaces to replace the Zoo’s existing Orangutan, Tiger and primate exhibits. The Zoo will continue to be home to a wide range of Western Australian animals as well as endangered exotic species, primarily drawn from the Indian Ocean rim and South-East Asia.

The Master Plan will reinforce Western Australia’s reputation for breathtaking landscapes and natural environments, says Hassell Principal Anthony Brookfield.

Our team wanted to create a flexible 20-year framework for Perth Zoo to facilitate a vibrant, sustainable, and experience-focused place for both animals and humans alike,” Anthony said.

The design supports the Zoo’s leadership in the conservation of endangered species while also providing a stimulating learning environment.

Anthony Brookfield Principal

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