Finding the sweet spot’ in returning to the office

We’re attracting people back by offering choice, autonomy and creating magnetic workplace experiences that people are really, really going to love,” says Principal Domino Risch. 

When it comes to how workers feel about their workplace, it’s hard to mount an argument against three years’ worth of data and insights into possibly the most disruptive period for workers in memory. Senior Researcher Daniel Davis has been studying the effects and challenges facing workplaces in our Annual Workplace Futures Survey since 2020, and this year the survey grew to include 2,500 office workers across Australia, China, Singapore, the United States and the United Kingdom. 

And while foot traffic is returning to central business districts on the weekends — weekday activity remains far below pre-pandemic levels. People are returning to the city but not to work. So how do we attract people back to the workplace and — after over two years of remote and hybrid working — is there reason enough for them to even be there? 

In this episode of Hassell Talks, join Daniel and Principal Domino Risch as they share some behind the scenes insights and explore the top three takeouts from our latest annual workplace survey. To find out more, and download your own copy of the report, visit The Magnetic Workplace: 2022 Workplace Futures Survey

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Season 4 Episode 3


Domino Risch, Principal


Daniel Davis, Senior Researcher


Matty Kapeleri


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People want more fresh air, gardens and green space, quality coffee, and enough space to focus without distraction — all the things they get when working at home.”

Senior Researcher Daniel Davis Hassell

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