Andrew Wilkinson

There’s a deeply restorative quality to nature. When it’s incorporated well through design, it can create places of profound calm in even the busiest city.”

Andrew is the regional leader of our Asia market, overseeing our Shanghai, Hong Kong and Singapore studios as they work together to design exceptional places for our diverse list of clients there.

He worked in China for more than 15 years but now oversees the market from his base in Australia, where he made his start with Hassell as a landscape architect. Over his many years in Asia he gained real insight into what’s driving design in the region, and he’s excited by the appetite for new and innovative ideas.

Andrew has a great way with people, inspiring and engaging our experienced, culturally diverse teams. As a leader, he’s pragmatic and adaptable, and shows a genuine respect for different perspectives and backgrounds – and the value these bring to our practice.

As a designer, Andrew has worked on some of our standout China projects, including the public realm for the Nanjing Tangshan Geopark Museum. He has a passion for the use of natural systems in design, and he’s found creative ways to introduce beautiful, highly sensitive environments in the middle of some of the world’s most fast-paced cities.

Key projects

  • Tongzhou Central Green Forest Park, Beijing, China
  • Nanjing Tangshan Geopark Museum Public Realm, Nanjing, China
  • Shanghai North Bund Waterfront, Shanghai, China
  • Panda Land Masterplan, Chengdu, China
  • One Museum Place, Shanghai, China
  • University of New England Masterplan, Armidale, Australia


Principal / Regional Leader - Asia



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