How to apply for your Hassell career

We advertise all our open positions here. Each job ad lists the skills and experience required for the job and directs you to submit your application. Our tips and tricks below might help give your application an edge.

Experience and passion match, but something doesn’t fit?

Consider our job ads the start of a conversation. If you see a position advertised and you meet most – but not all – of the criteria, get in touch with us. Chances are you have experience we would really value. 

Similarly, if you see a full-time position advertised and you need flexibility, let us know. We support flexible working arrangements and offer full-time, part-time and flexible hours. 

Want to be part of Hassell, but don’t see anything that works for you right now?

Hold tight and keep checking our website, LinkedIn and Instagram for current opportunities. We’re a really dynamic project-based practice, so opportunities come up regularly. 

A portfolio is critical for design roles

We’re a design firm; we’re visual people but we’re also thinkers. We want to be able to see how you tackle projects, and how your experience can make an impact at Hassell. So while you’re pulling together your portfolio, bear in mind that we really want to know how you think – what makes you tick. We’re impressed by collaborative people who love solving complex problems.

Beat the deadline

We’re a fast-paced and proactive practice so we don’t wait until applications close to review them. Submit your application as soon as possible for the best chance to land your ultimate job.

Application submitted – what’s next?

Our talent team reviews every application we receive and will contact you directly to proceed with an interview. If we don’t get in touch for an interview, bear in mind that we keep your application on file in case of future opportunities that match your experience. If you’d prefer not to have your details on file, please let us know.

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