Re-emerging resilient

We don’t know exactly what our lives, work and communities will look like post COVID-19

But one thing we’re sure of is that some trends we saw developing over the past few years have only accelerated since the global pandemic took hold.

They’re trends that are changing how we reimagine or repurpose spaces, think about mobility, and connect with each other and our communities – not to mention increase the appeal of a slowed-down culture. 

These shifts all have implications for the way people are interacting with places – and as designers this is a time to listen and partner with clients and communities to help us all re-emerge resilient.


Hassell Talks Episode 10


David Grant, CEO, Brickfields Consulting, Hassell Principals Richard Mullane, Liz Westgarth, Chong Wang, Angus Bruce


Matthias Widjaja


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I think there’s been a shift in what people think is possible and I think it’s really about resilience.” 

Richard Mullane, Sector Leader - Environment and Communities

For this episode of our podcast, we’re joined by our good friend and collaborator David Grant of Brickfields Consulting. As consumer research experts, David and his team have been delving deeper into these trends, giving our clients and designers extra insights into the people who will use the places we create.

David chats with Hassell Principals Angus Bruce, Liz Westgarth, Chong Wang and Richard Mullane about the way things are playing out in cities across the world, from San Francisco to Sydney and Shanghai to London.

Find out more about the Brickfields report Reawakened Spaces.

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