Fora Borough Co-working

Fora Borough sits in the heart of one of London’s most iconic and historic market districts. Like all the brand’s properties, this co-working residence’ takes its cues from the surrounding neighbourhood – a dynamic, colourful place.

On the ground floor, a welcoming restaurant and café – open to the public – buzzes with activity, while meeting spaces encourage people to mix and linger. Colours and finishes across all the floors are bold, textured and vibrant to reflect the local scene.

As well as a range of flexible, premium or open office settings, the seven-floor property offers perks normally associated with big corporations, like wellness areas, exercise rooms and lockers, a sunlit terrace, a library and a mezzanine lounge.

It all adds up to an exceptional workspace with a strong sense of community both within and outside its walls.

  • 100% tenancy at Fora Borough on day of opening.
  • All new Fora projects are using Hassell guidelines.




London, UK







Design team

Felicity Roocke, Catherine van der Heide, Kaja Swiezewska, Yirao Lee, Antoana Petkova, Katherine Mathew, Carlos Cordero Aguaded


Mark Cocksedge, Hufton Crow

It’s thoughtfulness that makes it important. It’s what Hassell does.”

Katrina Larkin Co-Founder and Head of Experience, Fora

Hassell partnered with the Fora founders to develop a set of design principles to guide future Fora residences, aligned to their brand principle of Space to be Brilliant’. Fora Borough is the first residence to be delivered based on these new guidelines.

Residents can choose from a range of office types – from flexible to fixed, all with the ability to adapt to future growth. To complement office space, residents can also access alternate in-house work and meeting settings including quiet phone booths, lounge areas, single focus nooks, and premium events spaces.

Fora residences also provide strong connections to their surrounding neighbourhoods. Signature floors take inspiration from the immediate location to create both public and resident-focused spaces that foster a sense of community.

  • 2019 British Council of Offices London Region Award - Innovation Award

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