Michelle Zhu

I believe that design has the power to create places that are aesthetically beautiful, embrace nature and are also able to be socially equitable.”

A Shanghai-based landscape architect who has been with Hassell for over 15 years, Michelle has worked on many significant public realm and city-shaping projects across China. She brings deep market insights and combines Eastern and Western culture on a wide range of projects, from gardens and private courtyards to large-scale urban public spaces, waterfronts, parks and urban scale developments.

Michelle is passionate about sustainability and fostering human connections. She creates spaces that open up communities to their environment, allowing people to engage and interact with it in inspiring ways. Taking a holistic approach, she focuses on the needs and wellbeing of people and creates healthy and captivating spaces where they can gather, connect, and play.

Some of the stand-out projects Michelle has played a key role in include the West Bund Waterfront Public Realm in Shanghai, which revitalises a key urban waterfront area of along the Huangpu River, and the Shanghai Yongyuan Road Redevelopment — a multidisciplinary urban renewal project integrating architecture, interior and landscape design elements.

Key Projects

  • West Bund Waterfront Public Realm, Shanghai, China
  • Shanghai Yongyuan Road Redevelopment, China
  • Longgang River Blueway, Shenzhen, China
  • North Bund Waterfront, Shanghai, China
  • Nanjing Homo erectus (nankinensis) Cave Park, China
  • Two Rivers and Four Banks, Chongqing, China
  • Shanghai AFA Centre, China





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