Andrew Low

I want to help make cities multi-layered, diverse places that can evolve over time. Architecture allows us to do that for people now, and for generations to come.” 

Andrew is one of two leads for our commercial and workplace sector. He helps developers and organisations achieve their goals – whether they want to craft the most productive office environment or a city-defining commercial precinct.

During his 25-year career he’s become fascinated with how cities work, and the invisible elements of design. The places you don’t always notice but that make life easier – and better – for everyone. 

He loves how architecture, urban form and public space work together to create a great destination that draws people in and keeps them coming back.

Key projects

  • Melbourne Metro Tunnel Over Site Developments, Melbourne, Australia
  • The Ribbon, Sydney, Australia
  • Hibernian Place & and Westin Hotel, Perth, Australia
  • Brookfield Place, Perth, Australia
  • 205 North Quay, Brisbane, Australia


Principal / Sector Leader - Commercial & Workplace




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