2011 / Cascade Coil Stand
Cascade Coil Stand

Grand Stand 3
Frame Publishers, Amsterdam, 2011,
pp. 74-75

The Cascade Coil Stand, designed for DesignEx 2009, has featured in Grand Stand 3, published by Frame Publishers from Amsterdam. Following in the steps of Grand Stand and Grand Stand 2, the latest publication in this series brings readers up to date on current developments in the fast paced world of stand design.

The article notes that, "although only 12 square metres, the stand was striking. HASSELL used gold mirror finishes to emphasise the qualities of the product on display, a utilitarian yet sophisticated woven wire mesh. The stand's rear walls were clad in a gold-coloured film, creating dramatic reflections. Overhead, several enormous mesh panels were suspended from the ceiling. Each was made of Cascade Coil, the product showcased by (client) DAAC Holdings...Underfoot, fluorescent lighting set in translucent acrylic boxes emitted a strong glow that reinforced the intensity of the surroundings. With its rigorous aesthetic, the stand design expressed the strong, yet lightweight nature of DAAC Holding's product. Since gold suggests quality, by association, Cascade Coil was given an aspirational appeal."

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