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Design Matters for Nurses

Attracting and retaining nurses is one of the biggest – and potentially most costly - challenges facing global healthcare today.

And, as the burden of healthcare shifts towards lifestyle-related diseases and the needs of an ageing population, it’s a challenge that is set to grow. 

In 2015, HASSELL partnered with the University of Melbourne Health Systems and Workforce Unit to determine how hospital workplace design affects nurse attraction and retention in Australia and the United Kingdom.

Many of the nursing staff who participated in the study reported that badly designed healthcare facilities left them feeling devalued in their work, and had a significant impact on productivity and morale.

They reported that when looking for a new job, a welcoming environment, plenty of natural light and easy access to cafes and shops were important factors in their choice of workplace. While their willingness to remain with a current employer was more dependent on workplace efficiency and effectiveness.

The results of this study suggest that involving nurses in the early stages of design development for new healthcare facilities is invaluable to creating workplaces where nursing staff feel supported and equipped to perform at their best.

While wider factors such as effective management of healthcare spaces and the people within them are also critical, delivering healthcare facilities where nursing staff feel valued is vital to driving long term improvements in staff attraction and retention.

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