Jason Cuffe

As a landscape architect I’m always tuned into the ephemeral qualities of a site. Understanding and embracing those changes is pivotal to the design process.”

Jason’s calling card as a landscape architect includes city-shaping, international developments such as Darling Harbour Public Realm in Sydney and Park Avenue Central in Shanghai. But he’s just as committed to small, focused projects that revitalise local streets and communities.

He sees each site as a rich, complex tapestry with endless opportunities for meaningful, memorable outcomes. Through the design process he seeks to connect people and place while advocating for sustainable solutions that protect, enhance or regenerate ecosystems.

Jason approaches all his work with enthusiasm, a sense of comradery and a commitment to conceptual clarity – values he shares with the next generation of landscape architects as a guest lecturer and tutor at the University of New South Wales in Sydney.

Key projects

  • Darling Harbour Public Realm, Sydney Australia 
  • Green Square Library and Plaza, Sydney, Australia 
  • Park Avenue Central, Shanghai, China 
  • Waterloo Road Active Streets Master Plan, Sydney, Australia 






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