Craig Guthrie

Great urban planning can re-connect with the natural systems beneath the pavement, improving daily life and the resilience of the city.”

Craig is a landscape architect and urban designer who has been in the business for 25 years, working in Australia, China and the Middle East.

He has an amazing ability to make large infrastructure seem almost unobtrusive – and to turn something ordinary into something extraordinary.

Most well known for his work in urban transport, he has played a part in many successful, city-defining developments, including Melbourne’s Metro Tunnel – a package of five new stations and public places.

By understanding how manmade and natural landscapes can work together, Craig helps clients and team members see the big picture – and greater potential – of a project.

Key projects

  • Melbourne Metro, Melbourne, Australia
  • Level Crossing Removal Project, Melbourne, Australia
  • Australian Catholic University Laneways Public Realm Project, Melbourne, Australia
  • Melbourne Airport Elevated Road Project, Melbourne, Australia
  • Community Recovery Program, Mental Health Facilities, Melbourne, Australia
  • Afghan Bazaar, Melbourne, Australia





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