The value of design in a fast-changing world

Globalisation, urbanisation, and digitisation present new opportunities and challenges for how we live. 

As the possibilities expand people demand more memorable, personalised experiences. As the value of great places increases, so does the value of impactful design. 

International design practice Hassell has been invited to help reimagine the future of places and cities at global forums including South by Southwest in Austin Texas, London’s Design Museum’s Moving to Mars exhibition, and World AI Conference in Shanghai.

A series of installations, exhibitions and panel discussions will focus on how design can help address humanity’s big challenges and opportunities – urbanisation, globalisation, climate change, digitisation and privatisation – right through to designing for space exploration.

The next decade promises to bring even more dramatic societal shifts and will place new and different pressures on the spaces, places and cities we design for people,” said Hassell Managing Director Steve Coster.

Great design is ambitious. It deals with complexity to achieve outcomes that shape not only our physical world, but also our culture – our lives and experiences,” he said.

We are designing a wide range of projects globally that are changing the way people experience places and cities across a variety of opportunities - from government and creative agencies, to some of the world’s leading universities and exciting organisations, brands and individuals. We are at the forefront of understanding how design can impact innovation and create new sources of cultural, social and economic value.

This year we designed a human habitat for Mars and an immersive video-gaming style environment for people to explore it – it’s an example of rapidly rethinking the boundaries for architecture and design firms like Hassell,” Steve said.


This week Hassell is launching a new podcast series, Hassell Talks, canvassing the big questions like: Do campuses matter in the life of a student? Is humanitarian design good for business? What can places learn from the world’s biggest brands? And why the best designed cities reflect the best of us.

To succeed over the next decade and beyond, international design businesses like ours will need to combine strategic intelligence with creative design – and understand that none of us alone has all the answers,” said Steve. 

Diverse perspectives and open-minded collaboration unlocks the creative, original thinking that is needed to navigate increasing complexities and requirements. The most powerful and enduring design requires insight about what matters most to people, as well as the latest research and technologies.

And truly innovative solutions also come from including perspectives from outside the walls of our studios – which is why we invite a broad range of big thinkers into our conversations, projects, our boardroom and our design studios as often as we can,” he said. 


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December 05, 2019

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