Footprints, Clockenflap Festival

Designed as a break from the chaos of Hong Kong’s largest music and arts festival, Footprints was a futuristic, mirrored box design that blended into the landscape, contrasting with the intimate, cave-like space within.

The brief? Ceate an architectural installation that explores the 2017 Clockenflap art theme of mythmaker’.

The installation needed to be a thought-provoking, memorable spatial and sensory experience for a wide variety of festival goers – from children to adults. 

Our team set out to create a moment away from the festival during both day-time and night-time activity. Through its contrasting internal and external expression, the installation presents the dual nature of the storytelling experience – from the ephemeral/​throw away moments of modern day myth making’ to the more corporeal spaces of caves that tell the myths and stories of generations gone by.


Magnetic Asia


Hong Kong, China






250 sqm


Hassell、Greater Group、S&techs、TRO

Design team

Tom Herron


Rae Hu

Take a step inside and motion detectors will capture your movement, then project them onto the wall – a reminder of the digital footprints we leave behind everyday and how we use them to tell our own story.”

Rachel Cheung South China Morning Post
70k festival attendees
>70 timber blades
24 hours build time on site

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