Media centre terms and conditions

Thank you for your interest in the work of Hassell. We are happy to share project images, text, drawings, plans, and content for publication and use as long as the below terms and conditions are adhered to:

  1. The name of the copyright owner must be mentioned at all times when published. This needs to be included directly below the image. The name/​s of copyright owner/​s appear in the image file name sent with every download. 
  2. The project name and Hassell (or respective attribution to others such as joint venture partners) must be mentioned whenever an image is being used or a project is mentioned. This must be in close proximity to the image or project mentioned.
  3. Downloaded assets are not to be used in a negative way or used to critique Hassell, its projects, people, clients, or the profession in which Hassell operates.

Copyright for images downloaded is not transferred to the publication, user, or journalist and remains at all times in the hands of the photographers or Hassell as applicable. 

Downloaded content can be used without cost for:

  • media outlets publishing an article on Hassell and its projects;
  • social media accounts where the post is directly related to Hassell or its projects;
  • academic publications; and
  • media outlets and publications where there is no cost or subscription involved.

Hassell requests that it receives a copy of or a link to the publication (digital copy to communication@​hassellstudio.​com or a hard copy to Hassell, 61 Little Collins Street, Melbourne, Victoria, Australia, 3000). 

Downloaded content cannot be used for: 

  • advertisements or marketing of any kind. Special requests should be submitted to communnication@​hassellstudio.​com for this use;
  • publications, stories, or outlets that are not directly related to Hassell or the project. Special requests should be submitted to communication@​hassellstudio.​com for this use;
  • publications or media outlets where there is a purchase price or a cost to view. Special requests should be submitted to communication@​hassellstudio.​com for this use;
  • Downloaded content cannot be passed on / shared with any third party for use other than those listed above.

By downloading content from the Hassell Media Centre you agree to these terms and conditions and are subsequently bound by them. 

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