Epping to Chatswood Rail Link

How do you create stations that enhance the area around them and genuinely improve quality of life? At the same time, how do you put passengers at ease when they’re underground for an extended period?

These were the concerns that shaped our concepts for the four world-class stations we designed for the Epping to Chatswood Rail Link – a A$2.35 billion expansion of Sydney’s metropolitan rail network.

The result was four stations – Epping, Macquarie University, Macquarie Park and North Ryde – that have been truly working for passengers for over 10 years and have added civic value through outstanding, timeless architecture.

Instantly recognisable, the stations confidently exist within their local settings. Draped in glass louvres, the entry pavilions welcome, shelter and direct passengers. They capture light by day and act as beacons by night. Like the stations themselves, these entries breathe’ through a naturally ventilated solution that minimises costs and makes waiting in the stations more comfortable.

The organisation of the underground areas is simple and straightforward, seamlessly linking the sequence of spaces. Dramatic entrance caverns filled with sunlight provide a reassuring connection between the surface and the concourse far below and convey a timelessness that reinforces the importance of these contemporary public buildings.

Our design turned the prevailing approach to station management on its head. The ticketing, amenities and administration functions are located deep underground, allowing the station to be run from one central location.

The generous spaces, intuitive wayfinding and clarity within the concourses and platforms make the station a standout for underground rail. The air is clean, the temperature is mild and the acoustics are crisp.

The four stations continue to demonstrate that travel by rail can be enjoyable, comfortable and uplifting.


Transport Infrastructure Development Corporation


Wallumettagal and Cammeraygal Country
Sydney, Australia






Approx. 5,000 sqm per station
4 stations
13 km expansion


Architecture: Ross de la Motte, Geoff Crowe, Rodney Uren, Luke Johnson, Jari Seppanen, Adrian Lindon, Des Marsh, Andrew Tattersall, Tony Rastrick, Adrian Lindon, Pip Bowling, Dario Spralja, John Morris, Kevin Carrucan, David Howe, Brett Pollard, Chris Carr, Ken Maher, John de Manincor
Landscape architecture: Mal Graham, Mike Wood, Sally Brown, Caitriona O’Dowd, John Minikin


Max Creasy
Brent Winstone
Simon Wood

The stations are efficient to run and a pleasure to use at any time of day or night. The spaces comfortably accommodate peak-hour crowds, but are neither desolate nor foreboding when patronage is light.”

Jury Citation Sulman Award, 2010 NSW Architecture Awards
13 km rail expansion, including four stations
>5k square metres per station
$2.35b expansion of the Sydney metro rail network
  • 2011 Chicago Athenaeum International Architecture Awards (Museum of Architecture and Design and The European Centre for Architecture Art Design and Urban Studies) - Winner
  • 2010 Australian Institute of Architects National Awards – Sir Zelman Cowen Award for Public Architecture
  • 2010 Australian Institute of Architects (New South Wales) Awards - Sir John Sulman Prize for Outstanding Architecture
  • 2010 International Annual Lighting Design Awards – Award of Merit - awarded to PointOfView and HASSELL
  • 2009 Australian Institute of Architects (New South Wales) Awards – Premier’s Prize
  • 2009 IESANZ (NSW) Lighting Design Awards – Award of Commendation - awarded to PointOfView and HASSELL
  • 2009 Engineers Australia Sydney Division Excellence Awards - High Commendation in the Buildings and Structures category - awarded to Opus International Consultants NSW, Stephen Grubits and Associates, AW Edwards
  • 2008 Master Builders Association National Excellence in Construction Awards - Winner - National President’s Award - awarded to AW Edwards
  • 2008 Master Builders Association NSW Excellence in Construction Awards - Overall Winner - Outstanding Construction Award - awarded to AW Edwards
  • 2008 Master Builders Association NSW Excellence in Construction Awards - Winner - Public Buildings A$150m+ - awarded to AW Edwards