The law of attraction: bringing people back (and back) to the corporate campus

How can corporate campuses lure us out of our homes (and pyjamas) and back to the office in a COVID-wary world? And how will they keep us coming back, with remote working more compelling or essential than ever? 

Some designers say the hardware’ of a campus is what makes it magnetic. For them, it’s about the architecture, spaces and settings that give form to a company’s aspirations and reflect the best of its people and location. Others would argue the secret’s in the software’ - the less visible elements like programming and technology that make a campus dynamic, inspiring and often surprising. But the magic could come down to the mix. An irresistible environment with unmissable experiences.

These are the questions that fire up two of our design minds and frequent campus collaborators - Rob Backhouse, Head of Design here at Hassell, and Adam Scott, Executive Creative Director of experience master planners FreeState, part of our design family.

In this podcast - a rollicking Creative Conversation’ like the ones we have around the table (and sometimes late into the night) - Rob and Adam share their insights on what’s next for large-scale workplaces. In the process, they also tell us what Field of Dreams’, theatre productions and a shaman in a cave might teach us about a campus people can’t resist - post-COVID and beyond.

Listen to the conversation via the player below. 


Adam Scott, Founder, FreeState
Rob Backhouse, Head of Design, Hassell

We gravitate to cities because of all the richness in them. And our workplaces are in those cities…so I don’t think the lure will be as hard as some suggest.”

Rob Backhouse Head of Design, Hassell

Where are all those joyous, serendipitous moments? In terms of the campus experience – and spirit of campus – that’s what we all want.”

Adam Scott Founder, FreeState