Student life: Why the campus is still critical to the university experience

Universities want to show their students and academics a really good time. 

The better the experience, the more appealing it is to stay a while for study, work and play. 

Multi-million dollar marketing campaigns may draw in curious crowds, but what makes them stick around?

From our research, we know campus facilities make up just one part of the formula behind the best tertiary experiences around the world. 

We also know the brand is an important part of the experience – but increasingly, with social media, that’s something the university marketing team has little control over. And the technology is another rapidly evolving factor disrupting traditional university and teaching conventions. 

So what makes a great student experience, these days, and can we design for it?

We took our research on the road to hear what clients and universities see happening, and what they believe is necessary in the experience of students on campus. 


Hassell Talks: Episode 3


Michaela Sheahan, Hassell


Andrew Lee, University of Queensland
Chris Callander, FreeState
John Holm, Queensland University of Technology.


Adam Scott, FreeState


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The campus is the one way you can judge whether the institution is vibrant.”

John Holm Queensland University of Technology