The data dilemma

How can – or will – the built environment community change the game’?

The new futures of design technology and innovation are exciting. But are they changing how designers practice now, or how they speak and behave? And if not, what are the barriers?

How can the architecture industry stay relevant if architects can’t quantify their value, or even measure success from building to building? Or are we too obsessed with data? What did the industry learn from WeWork?

Companies experimenting with performance based contracts… to me it seems like a good way to align incentives between the client and the architect.”

Daniel Davis, Hassell Senior Researcher

In a recent episode of the This is DesignIntelligence’ podcast, Daniel Davis talks about the future of design through the lens of research, evaluation, data and disruption. This conversation was recorded at the Design Futures Council Leadership Summit on Technology and Applied Innovation.


This is DesignIntelligence


Dave Gilmore, CEO, DesignIntelligence


Daniel Davis, Senior Researcher, Hassell

Think about the business as creatively as you think about the buildings. There’s a lot of opportunity to restructure and rethink about the business model.”

Daniel Davis Senior Researcher, Hassell

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