AIASF International Waterfronts Symposium

A famous waterfront city, San Francisco faces significant challenges to protect and enhance its historic port and shoreline. What can it learn from other waterfront cities and projects around the world?

The 2021 AIASF International Waterfronts Symposium brings local and global perspectives on the state of the city’s waterfront, future strategies for a better shoreline and innovation in waterfront project design and delivery.

Hassell principals Richard Mullane and Martin Lee will join other panellists to share lessons learnt from waterfront planning and development and discuss international perspectives in the context of San Francisco’s regulatory and project delivery frameworks.


18-19 February, 2021


Reduced port activity, underutilized land and sea-level rise present unique waterfront development opportunities for San Francisco. The city faces challenges to preserve history, improve access and build resilience for its diverse waterfronts.

Richard Mullane Hassell Principal / Environment + Communities Sector Lead