Growing innovation in landscape design on Gardening Australia

Watch two of our leading voices in landscape design, Jon Hazelwood and Rocelyn Crowe discuss the need for diverse native planting and how a little greenery goes a long way toward positive ageing.

At Hassell, we love to showcase the latest innovative landscape design and architecture, and the value strategic and meaningful planning can bring to an environment and its surroundings.

Championing forward-thinking approaches to landscape design on ABC’s Gardening Australia, one of the country’s most well-loved television programmes, are two of our leading voices in the sector, Sydney-based Principal Jon Hazelwood and Senior Landscape Architect Rocelyn Crowe from our Perth studio.

In Episode 25, Jon shows us how he uses his home garden to test and trial a mix of underused native and exotic plants. He also discusses what birds and insects these plants might attract and how he can apply these learnings to Hassell’s design of large-scale public landscapes.

In Episode 34, Rocelyn discusses the landscape design of Hall & Prior’s Karingal Green Health and Aged Care Community. Located in the picturesque foothills of Perth, the project placed the well-being of residents at the heart of every design decision to empower the people who call Karingal Green home and help them feel more connected with the community and each other.

We incorporated many familiar and comforting elements [throughout the landscape design], things that people might find in their own garden at home, with the hope that this would encourage residents to easily connect and interact with nature and others in the community,” says Rocelyn.

Check out the episodes below.

Photo: Hassell’s Jon Hazelwood and Gardening Australia presenter, Clarence Slockee courtesy of ABC.