Tamagin Blake-Smith

My first mentor once said People are more important than buildings’. That has always stuck with me.”

Tamagin is a leader in commercial and workplace design in the Asia Region and Singapore, where he’s based.

On every job – large or small – people are at the centre of his conceptual thinking, and their needs and aspirations are the driving force for his designs. Some of the standout spaces he’s helped create include GSK Asia House and the Lendlease csuites (enterprise co-working) environment, both in Singapore.

Tamagin understands how requirements change as workplace thinking changes, so he always has his eye on the future.

Loved by both clients and colleagues, he takes his work very seriously but still manages to find the fun in every team scenario.

Key projects

  • Arup workplace, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
  • Lendlease csuites, Singapore 
  • GSK Asia House, Singapore
  • Far East Organisation workplace, Singapore
  • The Great Room offices, Hong Kong, China






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