Natalie Louey

I’m inspired by new encounters – with people, places and experiences. I want to bring that same sense of discovery to everything I design.”

Natalie is an interior designer with experience in all corners of the globe, from Mauritius to Mongolia to Melbourne, Australia, where she’s now based. She’s also worked on projects of all sizes, whether it’s an intimate room or a large resort.

Her experience in eclectic locations has shaped the way she sees the world – and the possibilities of design. By combining her international perspective and her insight into global lifestyle trends in travel and hospitality, she’s able to help companies create the unique and memorable experiences that help set them apart.

A great conversationalist with a vivacious personality, Natalie loves getting to know her clients – understanding their goals and dreams, and capturing the essence of their brand story’ in the final design. 


Principal / Sector Leader - Hospitality




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