Mike Rendell

Great design can balance the complex and often competing needs of residents, commercial tenants and the local community.”

Mike is an experienced architect in our Perth studio, focusing on all kinds of residential work, from bespoke housing to major apartment developments.

He’s also honed his skills in commercial and retail design, urban design and master planning, including on the Waterbank and Riverside projects in Perth.

Through all that work, Mike has gained real insight into how to create mixed-use developments that work for many different masters’ while fulfilling a range of design, technical and qualitative needs.

Known as a cool head on experienced shoulders, Mike is respected by clients and colleagues for his sound, practical advice on striking a balance between commercial success and great outcomes for people.

Key projects

  • Queenslea Aged Care, Perth, Australia
  • WA Children’s Hospice, Perth, Australia
  • 88 Mill Point Road, Perth, Australia
  • The Terraces in Claremont, Perth Australia
  • Lots 5 and 6, Elizabeth Quay, Perth, Australia
  • Liv Apartments, Perth, Australia
  • Carine Rise, Perth, Australia
  • University Hall Student Accommodation, Perth, Australia
  • North One redevelopment, Perth, Australia
  • Waterbank Urban Design Master Plan, Perth, Australia
  • Metropolitan Redevelopment Authority Riverside Precinct Master Planning, Perth, Australia


Principal of Architecture




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