Matthew Shang

"I love the process of storytelling through design. Each project and client give us an opportunity to create something unique together."

Matt is a creative force behind some of the world's best hospitality destinations, including the internationally acclaimed ATLAS and Manhattan bars, both in Singapore.

On every project, Matt leads his team through an intense process of research and exploration, and undertakes the kind of robust planning that leaves nothing to chance.

He shows dedication and focus on every aspect of this work, from ‘big picture’ thinking about the narrative we’re creating to small details like finishes and materials – important touchpoints that shape how people will ultimately experience a place.

Never happy to settle for ordinary, Matt is always asking questions and challenging assumptions – and that mindset has resulted in unique, award-winning venues that deliver great value for clients and keep customers returning again and again.

Key projects

  • ATLAS, Singapore
  • Idlewild, Singapore
  • Luke’s Oyster and Chophouse, Singapore
  • Manhattan Bar, Singapore
  • The Work Project, OUE Downtown / Asia Square / Parkview Square, Singapore
  • The Mark, Capitol Tower, Singapore
  • The Great Room, George Street / Raffles Hotel, Singapore
  • Beijing Sky Bar, Beijing
  • The Hour Glass, Malmaison, Singapore






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