Welcome to A Wild Place

New York City's famous centerlines, re-imagined

Imagine, for a moment, an untamed ribbon of land lost in time - a strip of undomesticated forest, which finds itself suddenly tucked back into today's developed landscape.

Welcome to 'A Wild Place', our idea for the 'Beyond the centerline' competition, created with Harrison Green.

Park Avenue is a long linear stretch of urban dominance, wild and disorderly in its own way, littered with heavy traffic and people disengaged from the world around them.

With skyscrapers towering above and cars honking below, it's a space whose character is defined by the imposing city life around it.

'A Wild Place' imagines Park Avenue as a place known not for its surroundings, but for something within. Reintroducing native plant species to create a stretch of forest will not just restore but enhance the heart of Park Avenue as the untouched wilderness it could have been.

Our proposal is informed by mapping of the vegetative communities that were present in the 1660’s. We can use what we know of the area’s native plant species and local context to produce an informed vision of a landscape which can survive in the city today and achieve a level of biodiversity nonexistent in the streetscapes of Manhattan.

Layers of the canopy, understory, shrubs and herbaceous groundcovers have been thoughtfully considered to create a rhythm and hierarchy which will produce a breath of fresh air in this crowded corridor. A winding path for people to experience will be threaded through the interior, evoking a natural woodland trail.

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