Essay: Expanded fields of practice

Dr Rachel Hurst considers what motivates a practice like HASSELL to go beyond ‘building things’ – and what this means for our industry.

Expanding minds: the montage maker

Jessica Lock is a Landscape Architect at HASSELL Sydney who makes digital collages and montages inspired by the old and new and the weird and wonderful.

Expanding minds: the woodworker

Leah Hudson-Smith is an Interior Designer at HASSELL Melbourne with an educational background in art and fashion design who's also a self-taught woodworker.

Expanding minds: the sculptor

April Pine is a Graduate of Architecture at HASSELL Perth who makes interior and outdoor sculptures using a range of materials and fabrication techniques.

Expanding minds: the public artist

Tiago Arieira is an Architect at HASSELL London who creates engaging public artworks that reflect his connection to his hometown, Viana do Castelo in Portugal.

Chance Encounters at London Design Festival

Our collaborative installation used interactive digital technologies to explore the hidden potential of the 'dead zones' between buildings.

A-HSV: a concept for a new Australian icon

Inspired by the iconic HK Monaro, the Australian High Speed Vehicle (A-HSV) was designed to stimulate discussion about the sustainable future of transport in Australia.

Chasing Kitsune at State of Design

Embodying the theme 'design that moves', this small-scale project was part installation, part hospitality venture, and an exercise in democratic design from the bottom up.