Mark Haycox

We can design landscapes that repair environments and meet the long-term social, commercial and environmental needs of a project.”

Mark is an award-winning landscape architect with a portfolio of city-defining projects, including the public spaces associated with the A$11 billion Metro Tunnel in Melbourne, Australia.

Mark’s love of the land and respect for both traditional and contemporary thinking are fundamental to the way he works. He’s known for bringing a critical eye to every project – large or small – as well as boundless enthusiasm.

He encourages clients to challenge their assumptions about the environment, opening up new possibilities for designing landscapes that aren’t just beautiful but meaningful too. Places that work in harmony with the earth’s natural systems, so they have the power to restore the land – and ultimately improve the lives of people in the process.

Key projects

  • Metro Tunnel, Five City Precincts, Melbourne Australia
  • GMH Headquarters Master Plan, Melbourne, Australia
  • Adelaide Airport, Adelaide, Australia
  • The Cliffs Resort, Kangaroo Island, Australia
  • University of Melbourne, Parkville Campus
  • Central Gippsland Public Land Strategy, Victoria, Australia