Caroline Stalker

The great opportunity of city-shaping projects is their power to transform communities and improve lives. The Brisbane 2032 Olympics will be a turning point for the city and with the right design minds involved, will leave a legacy that will be socially cohesive and ecologically responsive well beyond 2032.”

A designer and champion of cities and places for more than 30 years, Caroline Stalker is a highly skilled and widely respected architect and urbanist based in Brisbane, Australia. Having led complex city-shaping projects in London, South East Asia and Australia, Caroline understands what it takes to make a lasting impact through architecture and urban design.

Caroline’s deep affinity for her hometown of Brisbane, which she observes is quietly deepening in sophistication and cultural mix,” underpins her knowledge of and care for the environments and places she designs. Making a more sustainable urban footprint and creating with consistency and clarity are the foundations of her work.