Closer, together: can Ireland warm to an urban future?

Cities around the world are committing themselves to creating compact, amenity-rich neighbourhoods as they tackle the challenges of climate change, urban sprawl and wellbeing.

Ireland’s cities, with their history, natural amenities and passionate residents seem more ready-made than most to embrace an agenda of compact growth. But despite national planning frameworks in place, local governments, private developers and stakeholders are encountering ongoing challenges of their own in bringing 15-minute cities” to fruition.

If we’re going to get people to accept the idea that it’s good to live in a smaller home in the city centre, we have to make sure that the experience outside the front door of their smaller home is really wonderful.”

Ali Grehan
City of Dublin Architect

In this episode of Hassell Talks, Camilla Siggaard Andersen speaks to the people behind the push for compact growth in Ireland: the property developers, city architects, academics and researchers, who want to move beyond a common assumption that compact growth can only come from sacrifice. 


Season 3, Episode 1


Camilla Siggaard Andersen, Senior Researcher, Hassell


Pat Farrell, CEO, Irish Institutional Property
Brian Moran, Senior Managing Director, Hines
Niamh Moore Cherry, Associate Professor, School of Geography, University College Dublin
Ali Grehan, City of Dublin Architect


Close to Home: Exploring 15-Minute Urban Living in Ireland”


Hassell & Irish Institutional Property


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As Hassell’s Close to Home” report shows, 15-minute cities provide opportunities for more convenient living, more equitable communities and more sustainable development, saving resources and reducing emissions because of higher density.

Could this be a new era of urbanism, for Ireland?

Our thanks to Brian Moran, Ali Grehan, Pat Farrell and Niamh Moore Cherry for sharing their insights with us.

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We need to have a conversation about what kind of country we want, what kind of cities we want… and then come to a conclusion as to how we’re going to collectively go forward.”

Pat Farrell
CEO, Irish Institutional Property