2013 / George Patterson Y&R, Melbourne
George Patterson Y&R, Melbourne

by Jamie Mitchell
FX magazine (UK)
April 2013
pp. 45-46

The April issue of UK publication FX magazine features the George Patterson Y&R workplace in Melbourne. A former department store from the 19th century was converted into an open, airy and inviting office space, fitting in with the work ethos of the advertising agency client.

The article notes that the interior scheme of partitions and cellular offices felt at odds with the collaborative natures of the agency and also stifled the building's natural charm.

The new fitout by HASSELL takes us the idea of a relaxed, collaborative style of working and puts the creative workers centre-stage, rather than hiding them behind walls or in cellular offices.

"The idea of being able to walk into the space and for clients and staff to see ideas being developed and see collaboration happening was something we really wanted to do," explained Scott Walker, Head of Interior Design at HASSELL.

The work areas were subsequently opened up, helping them to feel more like a creative workshop and less corporate and the beautiful natural light was allowed to flow in.

Removing partition walls gave the space a bright, sunny feel, which was accentuated by paiting the original brick walls white and hanging plants around the office. Sections were sub-divided using bespoke bookshelves rather than partition walls. Another innovation was creating a 'concierge' desk rather than a traditional reception area with a large counter.

"I think one of the reasons we worked together well with the client was that they didn't come to the project with a preconceived idea of what the outcome was going to be. We worked together to decided what we wanted to achieve from the project, what we wanted it to feel and look like, and how we wanted it to work. Then we put in place a series of things to facilitate this. so in many ways it was a really simple job, but also it's quite innovative," explained Scott.