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Understanding our clients and their sectors

Good design is about how a building or place works, as well as how it looks.

For our clients, the projects they bring to us are a means to an end – whether that's about improving business performance, enhancing value for customers, improving quality of care for patients or learning experiences for students.

Understanding what our clients do is therefore critical to the design process. Over 75 years, HASSELL has developed a deep understanding of thousands of clients and the sectors they work in.

For example, we have delivered over a million square metres of workplace design for more than 1,000 clients. Our people know how design can change or support organisational culture, productivity, efficiency and employee satisfaction.

In the health sector our project experience ranges from specialist and acute facilities through to large-scale teaching hospitals.

Our education and science sector clients comprise some of Australia's foremost institutions from leading research universities and highly technical laboratories to primary and secondary schools and play spaces for pre-school children.

In transportation, our designers' extensive international experience on aviation, road and rail projects makes them experts in designing to deliver superlative passenger experiences.

As the world becomes increasingly urbanised, we design city shaping projects that create human scale precincts and places that people enjoy living and working in.

In this section of the website, we share some of what we have learnt working for a wide cross section of clients and end users.


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